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Fundoo Foods & Beverages is a part of SR Voda Group, which is the largest franchisee of Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd., for manufacturing its bottled water brand BAILLEY.

'Funduz' our range of coolers come in spout pouches with a distinctive flavour & quality to deliver an experience of taste, relish and delight to all our customers. Funduz come in 8 exciting flavours which is a culmination of endeavours & have been perfected through trial and error.

A great refresher, in an attractive packaging – Funduz brings some absolutely new flavours which haven't been shelved in the Indian market till date. 'Quality' is what defines us at Fundoo Foods & beverages, and we promise you that Funduz will change the way you consume your beverages at home!!

Product Range

'Fundoo Foods and Beverages' is a reputed FMCG SME. For the last decade, if there is one word that defines us, it is 'Quality'. We extend the same commitment of quality and high standards to you through our new offering.


Aam Raas

200ml Packing

Our way of having mangoes through the year that too without making a I dreaming? NO. I am Funduz Aam Rass. Come enjoy the real taste of mangoes.


Litchi Rass

200ml Packing

The rarity of this fruit is what adds to its tropical nature and taste. Funduz litchi is the ultimate indulgence! Each sip is like biting into the splendid fruit itself. Funduz brings to you the goodness and joy of litchi's in every season wherever you go!


Aam Panna

200ml Packing

A rejuvenating and refreshing cooler prepared using raw green mangoes. When you want to experience the goodness of summers through the year.


Nimbu Masala Shikanji

200ml Packing

A lemon based drink which is sweet, tangy & spicy all at the same time. My taste buds are on a overdrive. Did I mention that Funduz Nimbu masala shikanji improves the digestive function....tasty & healthy at the same time...yippieee!


Peach Ice

300ml Packing

Best drink to start your day with, Icy Chilled Liquid sunshine with unique blend of tea and peach would mesmerize you with its taste and freshness! 



300ml Packing

Treat yourself to the complex and refreshing blend of mint, citrus, and sugar with Funduz Virgin Mojito that's guaranteed to cut through the summer heat. Even without the rum, this Cuban classic is full of flavour.


Lemon Ice

300ml Packing

Refreshing on-the-go cooler with a savory lemon flavor and an exceptional taste blended to perfection for your palate. Funduz LemonIce Tea leaves you with citric, tangy yet crisp taste loaded with instant refreshment.



300ml Packing

There is nothing that can replace the freshness lime water. Funduz brings to you a rich citric super cooler with a pinch of salt, perfecting it to suit everyone's palate and to quench your thirst whenever you need it.


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